PRSMS AVID 2018-19 Application for our future 7th and 8th Graders

PRSMS AVID 2018-19 Application for our future 7th and 8th Graders

Welcome interested Pasco Families!

The mission of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is to ensure that ALL students, especially those who find themselves “in the middle,” will succeed in rigorous curriculum, will complete a college prep path, and will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in society.

What does the AVID elective look like?

¬ Support and encouragement that helps students be successful in one or more advanced level classes
¬ Large emphasis on organization
¬ Instruction on Cornell Notes (a note-taking system that helps students in middle school, high school and college)
¬ Tutoring from college students
¬ Field trips to College campuses
¬ A supportive and encouraging setting that helps students realize that college is an option

The AVID application process…

1. Fill out the application completely.
2. At the end you will see two documents. Download and print both.
3. Ask all teachers to fill out the Grade Recommendation Form and scan/email it to Ms. Wenderoth, or put it in her mailbox.
4. Ask one teacher to complete the Advanced Recommendation Form. (Please note your teacher will return this form.)
5. You must apply and turn in your completed grade recommendation form to your teacher by April 30th.
6. Make sure to complete all portions of the application as this is our only impression of you as a student.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Wenderoth, PRSMS AVID Coordinator, if you have any questions.
(727) 246-3200

We hope to see you soon!

Thank You,

The AVID Team at Paul R. Smith Middle School