Paul R. Smith Middle School Schedule Request

Paul R. Smith Middle School Schedule Request

Directions: Submit this form to the Student Services Office to communicate a schedule concern or request. Please carefully review the schedule change policies below prior to filling out this form.

1. The only reasons for a course change are:

• A core course (Math, ELA, SS or Sci) on the schedule has already been completed and passed

• A course is missing from the schedule (ex. there’s no 3rd period listed, or the student has two science classes)

• Removal of high school course consistent with the district student progression plan

• Parent & student are requesting a
different level of class (basic or advanced)

2. Requests for a different teacher cannot be approved by administration unless there are extreme circumstances and/or interventions have been attempted (including a parent-teacher conference).

3. Any elective change requests will be put on a waiting list and changes will be made only if space is available and it is within an appropriate time frame. If a change is made, the student will be given a new printed schedule; until then, the student must follow the original schedule. We regret that we may not be able to make individual contacts regarding elective changes.